Sunday, July 1, 2012

How Easy It Is

June has passed by in a flash, and as I sit here and review the past month in my mind, I realize how easy it is to get swept away by the busyness of normal everyday life. It's true that June was exceptionally busy for me and my family -- Sam had to take his 5th grade state test (a requirement for homeschoolers in Oregon) and some extra preparation was required given his level of test anxiety, my husband was traveling more than usual, and Sam celebrated his 11th birthday.  Not to mention that gymnastics practices and swimming practices changed to their summer schedules mid-month, so an entire re-planning of the regular routine was required. But our family is not different from most others and, truthfully, in any given month there's always something new or unusual that requires adjustment or planning.

So, I am reminded how easy it is to be distracted from things that are important to me.  Doing the things that keep me healthy and centered took a back seat to family needs this month, and I can feel the impact this has had on my energy level, creativity, and general mood. The vision of the mother overwhelmed by all that is on her plate, too busy to take care of herself, is a cliche at this point, I know. I will not take time to describe her once again, or explore why she exists -- I (we) just do.  The Buddhists have a meditation practice of gently, non-judgmentally returning your attention to your breath when you realize your mind has wandered, and that is what I will do today as we begin a new month:  gently and mindfully I will exercise, write, and maybe even take a nap!

When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, 
we lose connection with one another -- and  ourselves.

~ Jack Kornfield